Monthly Archives: May 2012

Winning Streak


I don’t consider myself a “lucky” person. Growing up, my sister had the best luck and would win all the family board games.  We used to break the wishbone of a turkey after Sunday dinner to determine who had to wash and who had to dry; Heidi always broke the wishbone so that she got to choose. I HATED drying! Anyway, lately I have been quite a winner.  My daughter and I attended a school drama production and entered a few raffles.  We did not win the dollar raffle prizes, but when we arrived home, we got a phone call that I had won Red Sox tickets! The excitement continues…Last week at the Tim Holz class, I won a raffle as well. The funny thing is, I was late (as usual) and didn’t get a ticket initially. I had to ask for one right before the drawing.  A couple of the prizes didn’t apply to me as they were die-cuts, and I don’t own a machine.  However, the tool kit came up for raffle and the crowd admired it. Wouldn’t you know, I won it! I am so grateful for these blessings that remind me that God loves me and doesn’t just give me what I need–he gives more than I can ask or imagine!


Finding Balance


I had a very busy, wonderful weekend, but I am still fatigued and faced with a variety of tasks on my chore list.  How do I prioritize my busy life? This is a recap of my weekend… Friday night I was tired after a busy week at school; my husband worked a double shift into the overnight.  My children wanted to spend time with their friends, which meant my daughter had a friend sleep over and I picked up my son about 9pm.  I didn’t sleep well as I always worry about my husband driving home after a sleepless night.  I got up at 630 when he arrived and enjoyed my coffee and reading time.  By 8 am I woke up my son because I had a narrow window of time to take advantage of the town’s free dump day. I borrowed a truck and was eager to clean my porch of my old couch and love seat that I was able to replace with my tax return.  I felt very stressed that it had to be done THAT MORNING or the furniture would sit on the porch indefinitely like the set of Sanford and Son. Once that task was completed, I rushed to the next event–again, a once-in-a-lifetime event–my sister-law’s baby shower.  I brought my daughter’s friend home and then we went to the shower. the venue was beautiful and I was able to connect with some family friends, but I had to cut the visit short since I had to rush to another ONE-TIME-ONLY event.  I dropped off my daughter along with a Subway lunch for each member of the family and drove an hour to an art class with Tim Holz that my husband had given me for Mother’s Day. It was a great class, and I learned a lot, won a prize, and enjoyed time to create, but I came home exhausted late at night and had to make supper and do laundry.  I was asleep when my husband got home from work. Sunday, the day of rest, was another busy day. I teach Sunday School and also had planned a surprise cake to celebrate my friend’s 80th birthday. I had to pick it up at 830 am. Again, in my mind I felt that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate my friend. After church, we enjoyed lunch at a restaurant with my parents who were visiting from out of state. My husband had to rush off to work, and my parents had a funeral to attend, followed by a concert.  That afternoon I went to the grocery store and did some laundry before it was time for youth group.  I chauffeured a car full of teenagers an hour away to participate in a trampoline event.  I participated and was still sore yesterday! After, I drove all the kids’ friends home.  Monday our full schedule resumed.  At the time, and even looking back, I feel all the events were important, but I’m so tired…My friends and family live similar, frantic lives.  Help me, Lord, to manage my days!

Happy Mothers Day!


I want to say a few words about my mom and grandmothers.  I am so blessed to have great role models of smart, independent, creative, godly women. My mom always made our birthdays and holidays special. She loves to give gifts and takes time to wrap them beautifully as well. My mother is a great cook and always had a well-balanced meal for dinner each night.  My mom made sure that all of us had musical training and invested thousands in piano and flute lessons for me. I enjoyed playing in the band during my high school years, and the discipline of practice made me a strong student as well.  My mother encouraged us to reach for our dreams.  She sacrificed a lot so that I was able to travel to various countries before I graduated high school.  I have the best mom! Both of my grandmothers were very creative. Like my dad’s mother, I am a teacher and I like to paint.  Grandma Eastman taught English to Korean students as I enjoy teaching English Language Learners in my classroom today.  I have fond memories of playing school with my cousins in my grandma’s office and basement.  My Grandma Goecks has great wisdom and such a sweet spirit. She sewed beautiful clothes with matching purses when my sister and I were growing up.  When we visited, she would provide a delicious smorgasbord for a house full of guests.  At 90 years old, she still enjoys travel, yoga, and family.  The women in my family are wonderful blessings! I love you!