Happy Mothers Day!


I want to say a few words about my mom and grandmothers.  I am so blessed to have great role models of smart, independent, creative, godly women. My mom always made our birthdays and holidays special. She loves to give gifts and takes time to wrap them beautifully as well. My mother is a great cook and always had a well-balanced meal for dinner each night.  My mom made sure that all of us had musical training and invested thousands in piano and flute lessons for me. I enjoyed playing in the band during my high school years, and the discipline of practice made me a strong student as well.  My mother encouraged us to reach for our dreams.  She sacrificed a lot so that I was able to travel to various countries before I graduated high school.  I have the best mom! Both of my grandmothers were very creative. Like my dad’s mother, I am a teacher and I like to paint.  Grandma Eastman taught English to Korean students as I enjoy teaching English Language Learners in my classroom today.  I have fond memories of playing school with my cousins in my grandma’s office and basement.  My Grandma Goecks has great wisdom and such a sweet spirit. She sewed beautiful clothes with matching purses when my sister and I were growing up.  When we visited, she would provide a delicious smorgasbord for a house full of guests.  At 90 years old, she still enjoys travel, yoga, and family.  The women in my family are wonderful blessings! I love you!


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