Summer time!


One thing I love about my job as a teacher is that all throughout the year there are checkpoints that help the students and teachers to evaluate progress.  Now that summer is here, I have a large chunk of time that I want to use wisely. I have ten weeks of vacation, and I want to accomplish some goals, but also take time to rest.  I plan to devote an hour per task each day for a whopping seventy potential hours devoted to these goals.  The rest of the time I am free to do as I wish. I am keeping track of my projects, so that at the end of the summer I can check my progress. One goal for the summer is to walk daily.   I also am devoting time to my writing.  Finally, I hope to do some major reorganization at home.  The area where I need the most motivation is in organizing the house.  I plan to get rid of a lot of  “stuff” that has accumulated and that we have grown out of. I already enjoyed a long, energizing walk.  Today I am treating my daughter and myself to a pedicure. I have never had a pedicure, but since I do so much walking, my toes need some maintenance before they are displayed for the world to see in flip-flops.  So, now I have to earn that pedicure by doing some much-needed clean up!


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