All Bundled Up


Last week I didn’t get a chance to post because I was busy with Vacation Bible School (VBS).  It was the first time our church had a VBS, and it was especially meaningful as it was our first opportunity for community out reach after the church fire 3 years ago. We ended up with 76 different children attending; it was wonderful to see the church family work together using their gifts! Now I am back to my summer projects. After reading my blog, a friend told me she didn’t know that I never had had a pedicure.  Another fun fact about me is that I don’t have a cell phone! I tell my students at school that I have no life–I am either at home or at work.  I can reach the kids when they are out. Anyway, when I paid my cable bill, the woman noticed that I have my land line with another provider, so I was able to bundle my services and save money.  For the same price I get more TV stations and phone.  My son was excited to get NBA tv.  Now my husband has to set up the phone with the kit I brought home.  So, I am saving money, and if I sell enough articles this summer I am going to treat myself to an iphone. I’ll keep you posted.


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