Progress Check


I have been away from the blog for a few weeks as I got caught up in the busy summer. My children are both attending camps this week; My brother and wife welcomed a new baby last week, and family visited from out-of-state.  Now I am back to the blog and I want to take stock of my REACH goals.  This summer I am not working outside of the home, and I am focusing on my REACH lifestyle.  My RELATIONSHIP with God is going strong; I enjoy waking up each morning and having quiet time to read and pray.  During the summer I have more free time to connect with my FAMILY. Since my husband works nights, we have tried to spend more quality time together before he leaves for work.  My in-laws and parents have visited from out-of-state, and we celebrated my grandmother’s 90th birthday.  I hope to spend more time with friends before the summer is over.  I start each day with EXERCISE; i love to walk in the beautiful summer mornings.  The biggest ADJUSTMENT I am making this summer is I am trying to do less and take time to rest and recharge.  I am glad that I am able to express my CREATIVITY with the writing that I have done this summer. I already have one article selected for publication, but I know I can do more if I stay diligent.  Keeping up with the blog is one facet of my creativity.  Finally, HOME MANAGEMENT is one of my biggest areas of struggle.  Since we are home more during the summer, it seems that there is much more housework to do!  I was hoping to use this big chunk of time to do some major projects, like cleaning out the closets. I did make progress in the dining room, getting rid of stacks of paper and books on the table.  I shredded about 10 grocery bags of old bills and paper work, but I need to resume my decluttering.  So, don’t let the summer pass you by.  Use this time to make and meet goals that will help you to REACH for excellence.


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