Creativity Enhances Life


This weekend my husband and daughter were in a local production of West Side Story.  My daughter participated in a 4-week camp that culminated in a full-scale musical performance.  My husband got an extra role as a principal in one scene.  The performance was very professional and I believe my family reaped many benefits.

The main benefit of creativity is increased confidence.  Public speaking is the number one fear of people, so when people participate in a play, they are conquering that fear.  Public speaking is an asset on the job and for interview skills as my daughter anticipates work and college interviews in the future.

People who are creative also enjoy success. I was so proud when I had my first article selected for publication.  Setting a goal and meeting it brings great satisfaction.  Creating something fulfills that need for success. At school I have many students that do not have goals and do not have academic success which keeps them in a state of depression. However, when students have outside interests like sports or a job they are more likely to keep that positive attitude toward schoolwork.

Creativity also promotes positive relationships.  My daughter and husband made new friendships while participating in the play.  When I read an article or book someone has written, when I view artwork someone has created, or hear someone sing a song, I know them better because of their expression and it enhances our relationships.  Art is a way to express ourselves and make ourselves understood while we enter into new understanding with others.

Creativity also gives us new skills. My daughter learned how to dance and work with a group and gained many important character traits like perseverance, encouragement, team work,  and patience as she attended camp and waited backstage.  When I take a class or read a blog I glean new information to enhance my art or adjust my attitude.

Creativity gives pleasure and relaxation to the creative person.  Many people experience “flow” while creating, which is the idea that the person is caught up in the moment, focusing so intently on the task at hand that ideas are “flowing” and the person experiences positive feelings.

I hope that creativity is a priority in your life, whether you are cooking, blogging, decorating, exercising, or acting.  Creativity enhances the the life of the artist and the audience!


About hcampeau

I am a busy 40-year-old Christian wife, mother, runner, teacher juggling the demands of a busy, wonderful life. I hope to connect with and encourage other busy women to reach their potential in Christ.

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