Domestic Bliss


I have been a Domestic Goddess today. I got a lot of things done, and I learned how to upload photos to the blog as well! I got up about 6 and drank coffee while reading my daily devotions.  I also put in laundry.  By 9am I had picked up my daughter from her friend’s house and was on my walk.  Then I came home and finished up laundry and started the dishwasher.  After a shower, I went to breakfast with my husband.  He gave me some great encouragement to continue my writing even though it’s hard to wait for editors to respond.  I have about 8 articles out there and I have heard nothing…Later, my son had a guitar lesson and I dropped off some legos that my son had cleaned from his room and returned library books before they were due!  I still had energy to make a potato dish my daughter requested and I washed the kitchen floor on my hands and knees as it was long overdue.  It feels great to complete tasks that I have put off.  Now I am going to enjoy reading The Road to Wellville by T. C. Boyle.  I hope you have a Super Saturday, too!


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