Back-to-school Countdown


I have 12 days left until I am back to school. These past few weeks have been very busy as I am trying to fit in time with friends and family, doctor’s appointments and rest. I have to admit I have played quite a few yahoo games! My favorites are gemclix and bomboozle. One fun new thing I did was to be a taste tester for Ocean Spray. I went twice to sample some new products and give feedback. I got target gift cards for my trouble! This morning I was up bright and early to take my son to the podiatrist. He has flat feet and now has plantar fasciatis and needs supports in his shoes. This afternoon my daughter and I went for a walk along the Cape Cod Canal. Next week we will be in new york for a few days visiting my parents, and then the calendar is empty for the week before I return to work. It has been a very restful summer. Make the most of your final days before school starts!


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