Realigning Priorities


I had a wonderful, restful summer. Now I am back to work teaching full-time, juggling all my responsibilities. This fall I stepped back from all of my responsibilities at church. During my quiet time, I took time to write down my priorities for this season after reading a challenging devotion.
#1–My Relationship with God–I need to cultivate my relationship with God, which means rising early to read my Bible and pray, but also taking time during the busy schedule to offer up prayers for wisdom, protection, and praise.
#2–My relationship with my husband–Since my husband works nights, and I work days, we often go a few days without seeing each other. We have really tried to carve out date time. Now that he has Friday nights off we have been going to the movies. Make your marriage top priority!
#3–My children–as I have two teenagers, my responsibility for them is different, but also very important as they are making choices that shape their lives for years to come. My son and daughter are both involved in lots of school activities that keep us all busy, but I also pray and plan for them to cultivate spiritual disciplines.
#4–Work–I have a challenging job working with teens, and with new education reforms it seems that I am being asked to do more for less pay. I am challenging myself to be a better teacher this year, incorporating new lesson ideas and reaching out to students in need. My job really is a ministry!
#5 Exercise–I love to exercise because it is the way that helps me to relieve stress. Often I feel too tired to exercise, but once I get moving it invigorates me. It is important to exercise to maintain good health.
#6 Hobbies–I have given myself permission to purse my favorite activities, like photography, painting, and writing. Often, time for these activities is limited, or I get tired,but I was able to take a photography course this fall, photograph 2 weddings, and I am hoping to keep this blog going.
#7 Extended family–This year our family had two beautiful nieces born– Kate and Olivia. I want to have time to spend with these beautiful girls. My parents and in-laws both live out-of-state, so I want to make effort to stay in touch.
#8 home management–In the past, our house got really cluttered as we rushed to various activities. I am trying to be a better homemaker, and I have been using Fly Lady’s tip to get me going. This is another area that I have to work at bit by bit, day by day.
This priorities fit within my REACH philosophy. I hope you have a chance to assess your priorities and then live by them!


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