Manic Monday


Today was a busy day of back to work, and is a great example of how I have to juggle the activities of my busy life. I got up around 5 and made coffee, fed and walked the dog, read my devotional, then woke up my daughter before I took a shower. 5 or 6 wakeups later, the princess got into the shower and I continued with the morning routine of making lunches, warming up the car, making breakfast, and rushing out of the house to get to work on time. I dropped off my son, then rushed to get to work. This morning I had a coverage, which means I use part of my planning period to substitute in a class for an absent colleague. It’s a great way to make extra money,  but I didn’t get much work done. During my first class, thirteen students were out, and in my second class, only four showed up! After lunch a fifth student showed up. After school, I had a fundraising meeting for a trip to Dublin, London, and Paris in April. I am coordinating a calendar raffle. After the meeting, I stayed to do some more correcting, then it was time to pick up my daughter and her friend from school; they had a meeting about the school musical. At home, I picked up my son to drop him off to practice. When I returned home, the girls had a healthy snack of strawberries and pretzels and I took them to the gym. ON my way home I stopped at the store to pick up a few things for dinner.  When I returned, I walked the dog, emptied the dishwasher, filled it with dirty dishes and then finally tackled the silverware drawer. I took everything out, washed the plastic sorting tray, threw away all the junk, and then washed the inside of the drawer and put everything back. Then it was time to pick up the girls and I brought my daughter’s friend to her house. When my daughter got home, she had a mini breakdown because this is a super busy week for her with lots of deadlines, including tryouts for the musical, an English diorama project due, an essay and payment due for her summer program, and twirling tonight.  I prayed with her, then she had some cereal and it was time to drop her off at twirling practice and then pick up my son from basketball. During practice, my son got hit in the face and his contacts came out, so he had to throw them away. I hope he has a new pair for tomorrow! Now I am typing while eating dinner, and at 730 it will be time to pick up my daughter. Then she has to type up her ELA homework so I can print it out tomorrow. Somewhere in there I have to throw in a load of laundry and bake a cake because I promised a birthday cake for one of my students tomorrow. I know we women and moms can identify with the many demands on our time. Make sure to take time out of your busy day to pray and be strengthened in the Lord.


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