Report card from Jesus


It is the stressful season of ending a semester and beginning a new one at the school where I work.  I know most people think that teachers sit around with red pens, drinking coffee, cackling with delight as they write large “F’s” on report cards.  However, that is not the case; it is so heartbreaking when my students fail.  Since I have always loved school, I am tempted to use this time to reflect on my own life and my  many resolutions and issue myself a report card.

The old me would have rushed to analyze yet another busy day of jugglemama, rushing from one activity to the next, striving for perfection that is unattainable. I already get a red slash for my eating habits today. I made Toaster Strudel for myself and the kids for breakfast; then when I dropped off my son I realized he never ate! I thought I had forgotten the pastries at home, but when I got to work I discovered I had put them in my lunch bag. So, I ate BOTH of them.  Then, during lunch, I ate a brownie that someone had brought in. However, I did got to the gym today, so does that even things out with a “C” ?

I blew my budget as well; I knew I was cutting things close,but  over the weekend I bought my daughter some earrings WITH A COUPON to thank her for helping me scrub the kitchen floor. I bought my son a $10 CD to even things out. However, I forgot that the health club payment hits at the end of the month, so I have a $2 overdraft. Another failure. I try to compensate for that by something else, like vacuuming the living room. I constantly check off items on my to-do list; keeping myself on such a tight leash!

But I am learning to walk in grace. I have been listening to Chuck Swindoll on my way to work in the morning. He is preaching his “Grace Awakening” series. He shared a very encouraging story.  When he was in seminary, he and his fellow students would rush to check their grades on their blue book exams at the end of the term. One student in particular struggled academically, so before he opened his book, he wrote “GRACE” across the cover.

So, today, I’m going to let Jesus grade my busy day of juggling my health, my budget, my work responsibilities, my parenting, my marriage, my heart. And I’m so grateful that the letters I find are G. R. A. C. E.

“Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ.” Romans 8:1



About hcampeau

I am a busy 40-year-old Christian wife, mother, runner, teacher juggling the demands of a busy, wonderful life. I hope to connect with and encourage other busy women to reach their potential in Christ.

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