Monthly Archives: March 2013

Walking by Faith, Not by Sight


February was a very challenging month. On Friday, February 1, my son had an away basketball game.   During the first quarter, my son got poked in the eye.  He went to the bench, and the medic  was very attentive. After repeatedly checking my son’s eye with a flashlight, the medic told us that he recommended that we go to the emergency room because he thought Jeremy’s pupil was bleeding. We are grateful that he took the injury seriously and gave us good medical advice. We went to Boston to a specialist. He was  put on bed rest for two weeks. We had to go to an eye specialist regularly to check the pressure and bleeding in his eye. We are so grateful for the great treatment we got from all of the doctors! Our friends  and family were very gracious to bring us meals. The following week,  a blizzard hit our area, and we lost power for about 12 hours.  We said a family prayer the next morning as our house was so cold, and immediately the power was restored! However, we soon learned the reason that God restored our power was so that we could host my sister and her family as they also lost power for several days and needed a warm place to sleep. During the same blizzard, a friend from church had a fire in her home, and she is still displaced.  Then, we heard my grandma fell and got hip replacement surgery. She lives in Arkansas, and we miss her and wish we could be closer to visit and give her encouragement. This month has certainly been an adventure, and we are so grateful for God’s provision of healing and safety during this difficult time.