On My Bookshelf


We recently had a winter storm; the cold weather is a great opportunity for me to get cozy and read during the dark afternoons and evenings. Here is a sample of the new books I am enjoying.

A Million Little Ways by Emily Freeman

                Last year I discovered Emily and her work; the fact that she was speaking at She Speaks was a big motivator for me to attend the seminar last summer. As with Grace for the Good Girl, this book is one I keep reading and meditating on daily.  The question that is posed today is, “What does it mean to live life like an artist in the midst of this everyday hustle?” I am struggling to find time for my blog posts and creativity goals because of the busy schedule of our life right now. I am glad that the answers this book supplies are not trite; instead Freeman challenges us to wrestle with the deeper questions and “sink in” to God as he defines us and our art. I would love to create an artist’s circle and use this book as a starting point. I am still waiting on God’s timing for that.

The House at Riverton by Kate Morton

                This is a great work of fiction recommended to me by my friend Becky who never steers me wrong. The setting is World War I and the story follows the life of a woman who had been a servant at an English manor. As she is dying, a movie is being made about the lives of the wealthy people who owned the home and a young man who committed suicide on the property. The story flows seamlessly from the present to the past, and the story’s twists and turns kept me up past my bedtime many nights as I tried to predict the outcome. Go out and read this book!

Prayer Warrior Mom by Marla Alupoaicei

                My mother often gifts me with a book to aid my spiritual growth, and as a mom of two teenagers, I was grateful for this helpful volume. Each chapter is full of insight and Scripture as well as guiding prayers for any mom. Again, I want to start a group to pray through this powerful book.

The Zion Covenant: Vienna Prelude and Prague Counterpoint by Bodie Thoene

                This is a historical fiction series.  The novels are extremely well-written and researched. The story is compelling and the time period fascinating. The setting is just prior to World War II, and the main character is a Jewish musician who begins helping Jewish children to escape the Nazi Reich that is taking over Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia.


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