Let it Snow!


Recently we have had two snowstorms which interrupted our schedule. My Christmas vacation was extended 2 days due to a storm, then last week we had another storm with blizzard-like conditions. It is very cold, so the snowfall has stayed on the ground. The cold snap continues for a week or so. I finally figured out how to load my pictures from my iphone to the computer, so I’m able to add them to the post. I intended to write a post the day of the storm, but my lack of technical knowledge set me back.

our home Jan 2014

living roomShoveling out


Ok, so I didn’t upload the pictures perfectly, but here are views of our snowed-in home and the shovel and broom we used to remove the snow so we could walk the dog. The third photo is of the snowmen indoors. I’ve collected snowmen for a while and most of them are gifts. I like displaying snowmen so that the display can stay out for a while instead of taking it down right after the Christmas season. I always try to put up the tree Thanksgiving weekend and take it down during school vacation. Otherwise, it would stay up year round! The paintings above the snowmen are ones I created. I hope to have more time for creativity this year as part of my goals. Unfortunately, I did not take advantage of the time during the snow days to focus on art; I did get housework and correcting done. We may have some more snow headed our way, but only a few inches. Stay warm and cozy! Our family has a busy week ahead as there are finals at school and Jeremy has four basketball games this week.








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