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Dear Self (What NOT to do during December)


Dear Self:

I am writing this letter in the hopes that you will find it while clearing off the pile of paperwork on the dining room table sometime during April vacation, or you will see it sticking out of the book where you used it as a bookmark when you finish reading the novel during the summer. Anyway, it is halfway through December with less than two weeks left for shopping. Your stress levels are high, and I want you to remember how you can plan to do things differently next year.  Christmas comes at the same time each year, yet every time it seems to creep up on you unexpectedly.  Next year, do not plan doctor’s appointments, dental cleanings, or any extra meeting or appointment. Instead of squeezing in parent-teacher conferences between work, laundry, and basketball practice, send an email. It’s probably not a good idea for your husband to leave for Florida to visit his parents for a quick visit when they are going to be in town five days after he returns.  Volunteering to plan the work Christmas party is a burden someone else can take on. Always plan ahead and save some money during the year so there’s no added stress about finances and you don’t have to be a Scrooge for office gift exchanges. Don’t feel guilty that you can’t give to every charity. Choose one organization that is close to your heart and give what you can. Remember to expect the unexpected in the form of a bad case of the flu or a snowstorm that cancels holiday parties.  Finally, take time to savor the holiday moments with family, and be grateful for your many blessings. Love from me