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New Year’s Resolutions


As you can infer from my previous post, I enjoy this time of year as I take stock of the previous year and anticipate the one to come. I have almost always made new year’s resolutions, and this year is no exception.  I recently listened to a teleseminar by Donna Partow and used some of that goal-setting time to finalize some areas that I would like to develop this year.

1. Writing—I am returning to blogging and I am planning to complete 1000 posts.  From what I’ve read, that is about the number of posts it takes to have a strong online presence and build a platform.  In addition, I want to start writing a devotional book. This will take about 2 years as I plan to cull my quiet time journals for the various selections.  I also hope to write an e-book on prayer. Now I’ve made it public, so that gives me more encouragement to stick with it.

2. Career –When I return to work as an English teacher in January, I have some new leadership responsibilities as our school system begins to implement the educator evaluation system established by the federal government. In addition, I will have a student teacher under my supervision. As I anticipate receiving my professional license this year, I am looking ahead, and wondering if I should pursue an administrative license. This is something I am praying about, as my full-time work really becomes a ministry.

3. HOME –I am still working on home management and I continue to follow the Flylady system. We have been in our home almost fifteen years, so at this point in addition to decluttering, some remodeling needs to take place. With our busy schedule, things pile up quickly if I don’t maintain order.

4. Finances—With my husband in school, our budget is strained, and this year I want to pay off some debts as we will be needing a newer vehicle.  It seems this area is a constant battle for me. However, God has been so faithful to provide for all our needs and many of our wants as well. The discipline of keeping a budget makes me disciplined in other areas as well, and I have seen my children become content.

5. Creativity— I have stacks of art magazines and supplies stacked up without finished products to show for it. So, as my “reward” for meeting my writing goals, I am going to give myself permission to work on my art.  If I don’t develop my creativity by completing a few specific projects, I will give or throw away my magazines and art supplies on July 31, 2014, freeing up time, space, and mental energy to pursue something else.

I didn’t include my spiritual disciplines or exercise on my list because these two items are part of my every day routine. When I wake up, I walk the dog, make some coffee, and have my devotions before I start the day. In the afternoon I take a walk or go to the Y.

The verse I chose for the year is “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of POWER, of LOVE, and of SELF-DISCIPLINE.” 2 Timothy 1:7



New Year’s Resolutions


I am a person that loves to make new year’s resolutions, and this year is no exception. I have chosen several areas to improve.

The first area is FINANCES. Up to this point, my money management has been a mess! Last year we were able to get on track with a budget and paying bills, but this year I want to focus on SAVING as we still live check-to-check. So, I am trying to follow the 80/10/10 rule of living on 80 %, tithing 10% and saving 10%. Today I started the saving part as my husband’s check came in; I transferred ten percent to an account to start building up a savings/emergency fund. Now I have to write a check for tithing and submit it on Sunday.

My second resolution is about RELATIONSHIPS. First, I want to improve communication with my mom and in-laws as they live out of state; I miss them a lot and I’d like to stay in touch more. Often the days are so busy that I think about picking up the phone, but I don’t make the call, and I hope to follow through with this. Second, I want to be more authentic in my relationships. This year my husband and I made a decision that was important to the family, but at the risk of gossiping, I never mentioned my thoughts or feelings to my friends, including my sister. Now that time has passed, I see that I should have said something just to get encouragement. I am glad we made the decision that we did, but there are lots of emotions to process that I need to express. Also, I avoid conflict, so I often avoid situations where I need to have a difficult, authentic conversation.  I often struggle, but I don’t let others know, and I need to be more vulnerable.

Also, I am going to pamper myself this year. Often I put myself last, and I want to be kind to myself. I need to allow myself rest and give myself freedom to try new things.

Finally, I am always working to improve my home management. Fly Lady’s system has been very helpful, and already I see some slow but steady progress in conquering clutter.